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Being wit­ness on a mas­sacre com­mit­ted by using the inter­na­tion­ally for­bid­den chem­i­cal weapon is the most hor­ri­ble expe­ri­ence in my entire life.


By: Diyako al-​Kurdi — Aleppo

Being a wit­ness on a mas­sacre com­mit­ted by using the inter­na­tion­ally for­bid­den chem­i­cal weapon is the most hor­ri­ble expe­ri­ence in my entire life.

On Sat­ur­day morn­ing, the strong sound of an explo­sion moved the neigh­bour­hood of our res­i­dency, north Aleppo. After being informed that the explo­sion took place in Sheikh Mak­sud area –mainly pop­u­lated by Kurds, I headed to the area along with a group of oppo­si­tion activists to investigate.

In the begin­ning, it was hard to iden­tify the cer­tain weapon used in the explo­sive attack. How­ever, the dif­fi­culty in breath­ing indi­cated some­thing quite abnor­mal while walk­ing across a num­ber of dev­as­tated build­ings in the Maaruf street in the neigh­bour­hood. The area appeared as if deserted since years.

Amid the con­fu­sion and hard­ness of the sit­u­a­tion, I couldn’t focus or com­pre­hend the appear­ances in front of me any­more. Although con­scious, my steps were remark­ably unbal­anced while try­ing to walk for­ward through the dam­aged houses.

The bru­tal­ity and cru­elty of the régime forces who car­ried out the attack was con­sid­er­ably rec­og­niz­able, as the fal­ter­ing walls were approach­ing the ground in sud­den movements.

Every­thing looked unre­spectable. The weird smell of gas was every­where, and the only rea­son for all of that inde­scrib­able sit­u­a­tion was the inter­na­tion­ally for­bid­den chem­i­cal weapon.

Among the group was a doc­tor, and he tried to col­lect some mate­ri­als for fur­ther research. When we entered one of those dam­aged houses, we found a num­ber of bod­ies for vic­tims, but some of them were still alive, although seri­ously injured.

The doc­tor demon­strated that the impacts on the vic­tims’ bod­ies –dead and injured– indi­cated the use of chem­i­cal mate­ri­als dur­ing the attack. Red eyes, trem­bling extrem­i­ties, and vom­it­ing with white fluid were all indi­ca­tors of being exposed to a sort of chem­i­cal mate­ri­als, accord­ing to the doctor.

Every­one in the group was try­ing to help the injured peo­ple due to the attack, and our tears couldn’t resist when one of them was hardly say­ing: “air, I need to breathe”. We evac­u­ated the house of all the dead bod­ies and the injured.

Not far away from the same house, corpses of three cats were sit­u­ated on the ground. They were also taken to be used as sam­ples in order to inves­ti­gate the mate­ri­als that caused their death.

We talked to many eye­wit­nesses in the neigh­bour­hood, and every­one was try­ing to explain what they saw, and the state of trauma and shock was appar­ent on their faces.

“It was a heli­copter, yes a heli­copter hov­er­ing above the neigh­bour­hood before fir­ing a rocket and leave,” said one of the res­i­dents in a tremu­lous voice.

Yasir Yunis Bakir is another eye­wit­ness on Sheikh Maksud’s mas­sacre. Bakir has rebuilt his house only few days before the attack. His wife and two chil­dren –one six-​months-​old and the other two-​year-​old– were among the casu­al­ties. Bakir’s sis­ter was seri­ously injured, and she is now taken to a Turk­ish hos­pi­tal near the north­ern bor­ders, beside other two broth­ers of him who were also injured due to the crack­down. I was informed by Bakir about all of that while he was deeply star­ing towards his dam­aged house.

A group of brave peo­ple who per­formed the role of life­guards helped to evac­u­ate most of the dam­aged houses. The group included: Jasim and Yusif Ali, Muham­mad and Ahmad Bakri, Muham­mad Ubaid, Mustafa Horo, Rojhe­lat Ali and others.

After three days, we turned back to the same loca­tion to hold con­tact with the med­ical team there –includ­ing the doc­tor who was present in the first day, in order to inves­ti­gate more details about the Sheikh Maksud’s attack. The med­ical team revealed that the expul­sion car­ried out by the heli­copter attack included chem­i­cal gas, par­tic­u­larly “cyanide gas”.

The use of the for­bid­den chem­i­cal weapons against civil­ians indi­cates the reck­less­ness of the Syr­ian régime regard­ing the moral and human­is­tic val­ues, after dis­re­gard­ing all the inter­na­tional ini­tia­tives to find a polit­i­cal solu­tion for the cur­rent cri­sis. Accord­ing to activists and fam­i­lies of the vic­tims of Sheikh Maksud’s mas­sacre, a régime that has con­stantly per­se­cuted and oppressed its peo­ple by killing thou­sands of them, will never hes­i­tate to use the most lethal and fatal weapon against them, includ­ing the chem­i­cal weapon. 

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