For­mer Vice Pres­i­dent: Inter­na­tional action needed to stop Assad

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Abdul Halim Khad­dam, Syria’s vice pres­i­dent (1984 to 2005), called on the United States to take urgent action to pre­vent more blood­shed in Syria. He insisted that pro­vid­ing the Syr­ian oppo­si­tion with weapons should be a pri­or­ity among the steps of help­ing the oppo­si­tion to put an end to the bru­tal crack­down by the Assad régime against dif­fer­ent areas across the country.

“U.S. is demanded to takes an urgent deci­sion to stop vio­lence and pre­vent more blood­shed in Syria,”

Khad­dam stated in an inter­view with Alara­biya tele­vi­sion on Fri­day. “The Arab and inter­na­tional silence on the esca­lat­ing bru­tal­ity of the régime against civil­ians in Syria con­tributes to the wors­en­ing of the sit­u­a­tion and rein­forc­ing extremism.”

On Thurs­day, forces loyal to Assad régime car­ried out a crack­down on the cities of Baniyas and al-​Baida, pop­u­lated by Sun­nis and Alaw­ites. The crack­down basi­cally tar­get­ted the Sunni pop­u­la­tion of the areas, and was con­sid­ered an eth­nic cleans­ing in the region.

“More than 700 civil­ians were killed in that eth­nic cleans­ing cam­paign against Sun­nis in Baniyas and al-​Baida,” said Khaddam.

Accord­ing to Khad­dam, there is no doubt that the Syr­ian régime owns chem­i­cal weapons and those were def­i­nitely used recently in dif­fer­ent areas in Syria. “Whether the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity con­firms that or not that is no big deal, because the mas­sacres com­mit­ted every day by the régime’s forces are way more dan­ger­ous than the issue of chem­i­cal weapons itself. If there is a real will to help the Syr­ian peo­ple, there are suf­fi­cient rea­sons for the inter­na­tional pow­ers to inter­vene, at least by sup­ply­ing weapons to the oppo­si­tion,” he argued. 

Regard­ing the assess­ment of the mil­i­tary oper­a­tions on the ground, Khad­dam said that the Free Syr­ian Army (FSA) –the opposition’s armed wing– is achiev­ing a remark­able progress in dif­fer­ent areas. “How­ever, the short­age in weapons pre­vents the FSA from hold­ing con­trol for long period in these areas,” he added

 The U.S. Min­is­ter of Defense, Chuck Hagel, states on Thurs­day that the admin­is­tra­tion of Pres­i­dent Barak Obama dis­cussed recently the pos­si­bil­ity of prov­ing weapons to the oppo­si­tion forces in its con­flict against the Assad régime’s army

Source: ARA News

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