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Istanbul, Turkey − The representative of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Jafar Hanan, told ARA News that a number of Syrian Kurdish parties are holding intensive meetings in the Kurdistan Region to discuss the situation in Syria’s Kurdish areas.

“The meetings of the Syrian Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Erbil are aimed to discuss the situation of the Kurdish region of Rojava (Syrian Kurdish region) and its future, beside the issue of the armed groups in the area,” Hanan said. “The ongoing meetings are generally positive as all parties are consent to develop a clear agenda that would unify the Kurdish discourse in Syria in order to accomplish their legitimate rights.”

Hanan added that the parties are also holding dialogues with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq to look into the possibility of reopening the bordering-point of Semalka. “Reopening the Semalka gate at the Syrian-Iraqi borders will ease the suffering of the Syrian Kurds as they face poor humanitarian situation at the moment.”

According to sources, the Semalka bordering-point was recently closed by the Kurdistan Regional Government as the armed wing of the PYD, the Popular Protection Units (YPG), imposed their control on the Syrian side of Semalka and impeded the movement in the area.

Mohammad Musa, secretary of the Leftist Kurdish Party in Syria and participant in the meetings, stated in an interview with ARA News that the current meetings should serve the aspiration of reaching an agreement between different parties in Syria, “to be able thus to administer the Kurdish areas efficiently”.

“Our party’s attendance in the meetings comes within the framework of unifying the Kurdish efforts, developing an efficient agenda in order to serve the Kurdish issue and to activate the role of the Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC) in Syria,” Musa clarified.

“We support all dialogues and meetings that would serve the Kurdish people as those between the Democratic Kurdish Party in Syria (PDKS) and the PYD”, Musa added. “A fierce economic war is going on against the Kurdish people in Syria by Assad regime and other regional sides.”

Regarding the attempts of the Free Syrian Army’s rebels to enter secure areas in Syria’s Kurdish region, Musa said: “This will have dire consequences for it is mainly serving the Assad regime.”

“We support the FSA rebels in their war against the tyranny of the Assad regime, but we will stand in their face if they intend to destabilize the safety of the Kurdish region, because such action is only serving the regime which seeks to create fighting between the different components in the area in an effort to prolong its rule as much as it can.” Musa told ARA News. “Thus, if the FSA will insist to enter the Kurdish region, they will regret their action because the consequences will be extreme,” Musa added.

On the other hand, Hanan said that an independent committee was formed to investigate the late incidents in the Kurdish city of Amude, western Qamishli −where the forces of the YPG opened fire against residents, causing dozens of victims among civilians. “Those who are found guilty in Amude’s incidents will be brought to justice,” Hannan said.

Commenting on the claims of the intention of the PYD to establish a potential interim administration in the Kurdish region in Syria, Hanan denied, saying: “The PYD is not seeking to form an interim administration, parliament or constitution for the Kurdish region in Syria, such action needs an eligible staff which we lack at the moment. The PYD cannot do so alone without a sufficient cooperation with other Kurdish political powers in Syria.”

This comes on the sidelines of the ongoing meetings between a number of Syrian Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, sponsored officially by the Kurdistan Regional Government.


Report by: Nobar Ismail

Source: ARA News


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