Islamic armed groups call for “Jihad” against Syrian Kurds



ARA News

Tel Abyad, al-Raqqah, Syria − According to activists in the city of Tel Abyad, a meeting was held between the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham’s (ISIS) leaders and emirs in a residential building, west of Tel Abyad, in Raqqa’s suburb.

During the meeting, the emirs decided to impose “Jihad” on civilians through providing a son from each family to fight against the Kurdish forces or pay an amount of 500,000 Syrian pounds (about 4400 US dollars) , which represents, according to the Jihadists, an implementation of Prophet Mohammed’s recommendation: “the one who prepares a conqueror is considered conqueror himself.” 

In a phone call with ARA News regarding the credibility of this news, a citizen from the city said that the city’s Arab residents are complaining about the orders of the Islamic armed groups. “Especially as these Islamist fighters are suppressing civilians and their only goal is to fight Syrian Kurds,” he said, while preferred to stay anonymous.  

The same source confirmed that the meeting had been held in the house of a pro-ISIS resident in the neighborhood, west of Tel Abyad.

“During the meeting, senior tribal figures and battalion commanders gathered and focused on how to fight the Kurds to preserve the Arabist and Islamist character of the city, and they decided to impose on each family to provide at least one son to fight by their side; otherwise, those families will be forced to pay an amount of 500,000 Syrian  pounds,” the source told ARA News.

According to an Arab eyewitness in the city, the ISIS members imposed large sums on wealthy Arabs in Tel Abyad, after threatening them of damaging their houses in case of refusing to cooperate.

Some sources in Tel Abyad told ARA News that the ISIS imposed on a citizen the payment of 3,500,000 SP. While others confirmed that the Islamic group imposed on each family to either pay 500,000 SP or leave the city.

Recently, the city of Tel Abyad saw a considerable displacement movement of Arab citizens towards Turkey after the ISIS and al-Nusra Front took over the city.


Report: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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