Turkish authorities close Tel Abyad crossing at Syria’s borders



ARA News

Tel Abyad, al-Raqqah, Syria ــThe Turkish government decided to close the border crossing between the cities of Turkish Aqji Kalha and Syrian Tel Abyad. The decision was taken as the number of Syrian refugees is in an instant incrrease in Turkey. Tel Abyad crossing is reportedly closed since Tuesday. 

According to sources inside the crossing, the Turkish step came after a brawl between the Turkish security members and of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham. However, other sources confirmed that the closure was due to a car bombing −transferring “fuel” material inside the crossing− which led the Turkish authorities to close the crossing.

On Wednesday early morning, clashes resumed between Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) backed by the brigade of Jabhat al-Akrad of (FSA) on the one hand, and the al-Nusra Front with the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) on the other hand. The clashes took place in the western countryside of the city of Tel Abyad, particularly in the villages of Bir Ketek, Jalaba, Jamis, Koperlik, Kharab Sarung, and Kendal.

In a phone call with an eyewitness of neighboring villages near clashes site, he said that ISIS fighters targeted the Kurdish villages by heavy weapon of artillery and mortar as strong sounds of explosions were heard.

The clashes broke out after the implementation of an agreement between the (YPG) and the armed Islamic battalions in western city of Kobanî in August 18, 2013. The agreement resulted in the removal of all barriers installed recently by both sides to restore the situation as it was in the past.


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

 Source: ARA News


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