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Kobani/Ain el-Arab, Syria − The opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) held a meeting with representatives from the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) in the Kurdish city of Kobani/Ain el-Arab to discuss the possibility of exchanging prisoners held by both the FSA and the PYD. 

Dozens of fighters from both groups were captured during clashes in several areas with a Kurdish majority. 

The meeting took place on Wednesday in Seiran restaurant in Kobani, north Syria. The delegation of the FSA included Sheikh Amer, member of the al-Tawheed Brigade, Col. Ahmad Suleiman, leader of the Military Council in the city of Mnbej, and Ibrahim Mohammad, leading member of Liwaa al-Islam. While the PYD was represented by a number of the party’s members including Omar Alloush. 

In an interview with ARA News, Alloush confirmed that both the FSA and the PYD agreed on exchanging prisoners, emphasizing on the importance of this step to reinforce civil peace in the area.

“We have agreed on the exchange of prisoners on both sides in terms of bearing responsibility towards the Syrian revolution and the need for unity between all the components of the Syrian community,” Alloush told ARA News

He added that the operation has started right after the agreement was reached by both sides during the Wednesday meeting.  

“The FSA delegation accompanied Mr. Mahmoud Koumo and Sardar (two PYD detainees by FSA) when they arrived in, while we have handed over detainees from Manbej including Muammar Nashmi and his son Waddhah along with Ahmed Khalil,” Alloush said. 

At the end of the meeting, Alloush has reportedly delivered a speech in which he stressed that both sides “should prove good faith with normalization of relations towards each other to guarantee an efficient unity between the revolutionary forces“, emphasizing the need to “direct the guns towards the Syrian regime and not towards inflaming war between the FSA and the YPG (the PYD’s armed wing)”. 


Report by: Musa Busrawi

Source: ARA News

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