Power cut deepens civilians’ suffering in Syrian Kurdish city



ARA News

Kobane/Ain el-Arab, Syria − Residents of the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria suffer a continuous electricity cut since last week. Hundreds of families in Kobane left their homes and resorted to some neighbouring villages were the repeated cut in power seemed more bearable than the continuous cut in their hometown.

According to workers in the Electricity Corporation in the city of Kobane, the cut was a result of the “damage in the main feeding cable” in the power station −located near the southern entrance of Kobane city. 

“On Wednesday, after the total power cut in the city, we tried to investigate the reason and we realised that the main feeding cable in the power station was damaged, but we cannot confirm whether someone is involved or the damage resulted from the repeated cut the city saw over the last few months,” a worker in the Electricity Corporation in Kobane told ARA News on the phone. 

According to sources, most of the Kurdish areas in Syria suffer a constant cut of power, the fact that led thousands of families to leave their villages and cities and resort to neighbouring countries.

“The government does not care about the situation in our areas anymore. We need to repair the damage ourselves,” the worker said, preferring to stay anonymous.  

Sources in Kobane said that the unregulated consumption of power and the repeated cut seem to be the main reason behind the cable damage. 

Kobane’s main power station provides the city and its suburbs with electricity, and the recent cut (started on Wednesday) resulted in the displacement of thousands of residents who could not survive under the current circumstances. 


Report by: Baran Misko

Source: ARA News


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