Kurdish party accused of pro-Assad links: Syrian opposition



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The Syrian National Coalition [for the revolutionary forces and opposition] (SNC) accused the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) to take anti-revolution actions.

In an official statement issued on Saturday, the coalition emphasized that the Kurdish PYD “holds hostility” towards the Syrian popular revolution, especially after the party announced the formation of a “Transitional Administration” in the Kurdish areas, north of Syria.

The SNC considered the declaration of forming the so-called “Civil Transitional Administration” as a separatist movement that “undermines the aspirations of the Syrians to reach a unified, independent and pluralistic state”, with “absolute sovereignty”.  

The coalition declared the Democratic Union Party (PYD) as a main supporter of the Assad regime. “That could be clear through the practices of its military wing of the Popular Protection Units (YPG),” the SNC said. “Unlike the rest of the Kurdish parties in Syria who showed solidarity to the revolution and practically work on the ousting of the Assad regime, the PYD is linked to some foreign agenda that calls for the establishment of an independent entity inside Syria, which contradicts and transgresses the basic principle of sovereignty and national security in Syria.”

According to the Syrian National Coalition, the PYD-linked forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) showed “repressive behaviour against Kurdish and Arab civilians” in northern the country over the recent months. 

In a reference to the ongoing clashes between the YPG and Islamist brigades −some of them linked to the opposition− the National Coalition considered the Kurdish YPG to launch operations “against rebels” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), adding that the PYD −YPG’s political leadership− tried to “fabricate a crisis” in northern Syria “in order to gain a popular support and impose its control over areas”.   

“The PYD’s military wing (YPG) ignores the pro-Assad forces in several areas and mainly focuses on fighting against the FSA brigades,” the SNC’s statement said. 

The Coalition compared PYD’s practices to that of the Baath Party, and likened the YPG forces to the pro-Assad militants “who never hesitate to carry out bloody crackdowns against civilians”. 

“We hope that the reasonable members of the PYD will recognize soon that they are on the wrong truck and return to right path that may guarantee a better future for all Syrians, regardless of their affiliation. They should know that a post-Assad Syria will never accept exclusion and persecution,” the Syrian National Coalition’s statement concluded. 

The Democratic Union Party (PYD), in cooperation of a number of Kuridsh political forces in Syria, declared last week the formation of a “Civil Transitional Administration” in Syrian Kurdish areas (referred to as Western Kurdistan).

Meanwhile, the representatives of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) −coalition of 16 Kurdish parties in Syria− were not invited to the PYD-led conference in which the decision of establishing the Transitional Administration was declared. 

The KNC has recently joined the ranks of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) to “participate in the decision-making process” within the Syrian opposition about the post-Assad era. However, the KNC’s step was regarded by the PYD and its supporters as a “betrayal to the aspirations of the Kurdish people in Syria”. 

Dr. Salah Darwish, a member of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and member of the Political Commission of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), told  ARA News that the SNC’s statement was issued “without consulting” the KNC, adding that representatives of the KNC in the coalition “did not participate in drafting the statement”.

“The SNC’s statement caused an escalating dispute between the Kurdish Council and the PYD. It does not serve any Kurdish party in Syria,” Darwish said.

Darwish responded to the PYD’s “claims” that the KNC has lost the compass and is not concerned about the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria, saying: 

“The Kurdish National Council’s step to join the opposition coalition’s ranks is meant to guarantee the rights and future of our people in Syria, especially with the growing necessity to participate in the peace talks in Geneva II to represent the Kurdish demands,” Darwish argued in an interview with ARA News. “Joining the SNC is not meant to inflame the situation in the Kurdish areas as the PYD claims, but to regain a popularly demanded stability.”

According to Darwish, the KNC blamed the coalition’s leadership for issuing the Saturday’s statement without inviting the KNC’s representatives for reflection, “especially that the statement was concerning a Kurdish party and the situation in the Kurdish areas in Syria”. 

“We have demanded the SNC to include a Kurdish representative in its Media Office to avoid any similar inconsistencies in the future,” he said. “We all know that the Islamist groups have carried out brutal practices against people in the Kurdish region in Syria, and the National Coalition is also demanded to clarify its position regarding those extremist groups.”  


Reporting by: Majid Mohamed

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid. Translation by: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim)



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