Diesel fuel sold by Kurdish party in Syria’s Amude



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Amude, Syria− As winter approaches in the Kurdish areas north of Syria, the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan −body formed by PYD-linked groups− started selling diesel fuel to the residents of the Kurdish city of Amude amid poor humanitarian conditions in the area. 

Forces loyal to the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) took over the main crude oil wells north of the country after a regime withdrawal, summer of 2012. Diesel and oil is being distributed to stations in several Kurdish regions and sold by the PYD-linked activists, sources said.

“Each family is being provided with a limited amount of diesel for a relatively high price,” an activist in Amude city told ARA News

The PYD-linked People’s Council devoted an amount of two barrels of diesel fuel per family for 31 S.P per liter, after adding the distribution-car costs to the price. The distribution-cars are accompanied by members of the council roaming the city’s neighbourhoods while selling diesel fuel to the residents.

A member of the People’s Council told ARA News that the council has divided Amude into four branches “as the city’s stations were allocated to cover the needs of the residents and the transportation inside the city”. While “rural stations were allocated to cover the rural transportation”. “Only 1 S.P. was added to the usual price of each liter, to cover distribution costs,” he said.

On the other hand, one of Amude’s residents told ARA News: “We know that this diesel is refined and full of textured gasoline, but we are forced to leave the nozzles of our barrels open for a while in order to avoid the danger of possible rapid ignition and disadvantages to the health. Unfortunately, we have no other choice because winter’s cold is ruthless.”

According to sources, members of the PYD have recently brought four Iranian refineries to Syria’s Kurdish region. The capacity of each refinery is estimated with 40-50 cubic meters of diesel fuel. 

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Most of the fuel production is being sold to the governmental government of Sadkop which is responsible for the fuel distribution. The refiners are being operated by local experts.

“But they did not succeed in extracting good quality of gasoline. So, the diesel fuel contains a high percentage of gasoline,” said Massoud hamo, a technical engineer in the directorate of Rumailan oil-field in northern Syria.

Kurdish activists argue that the PYD’s growing power on the ground didn’t contribute in the improvement of the Humanitrian conditions of the Syrian Kurds, “the party’s and its formations’ practices resulted in a high percentage of displacement among civilians who fled the worsonoing economic and security conditions in Syria’s Kurdish areas”. 


Report by: Bishewa Mohamed

Source: ARA News


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