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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan− Under the banner No for Terrorism, the Syrian Kurdish cartoonist Dizwar Ibrahim launched his exhibition of caricature art in the Chaneder Park in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region, north of Iraq.

Dizwar’s exhibition reflect the opposition of a Syrian Kurd to the attacks launched by al-Qaeda-linked groups against the Kurdish areas in Syria over the last 10 months, condemning the potential impacts of terrorism on the future of the region.

Full of anti-Islamists criticism, Dizwar’s cartoons attracted hundreds of watchers from various areas in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

In an  interview with ARA News, the Syrian Kurdish cartoonist said that the exhibition was intended to highlight the concept of terrorism which stormed the Syrian scene and the depth of the crisis experienced by the country where the doors are open to “scenarios of darkness that may destroy what is left in the country. 

“The exhibition was a response to the excesses of the radical Takfirist groups against innocent citizens in Syria, where its influence did not stop within the Syrian borders, but it reached the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan (Erbil) through a series of bombings targeted the security headquarters last month,” Dizwar said. 

“Almost 30 paintings were showed during the exhibition,” he said. “Beside colours, wood and water were also used in may paintings in a try to present several aspects and different methods, but full of simplicity without leaving a room for ambiguity,” he added.

Dizwar told ARA News that the art of caricature is one of the most powerful and uncomplicated ways to deliver a certain idea, “it sometimes reflects photos, articles and press reports in an simplistic way”. 

“It is classified as an art that convey invisible thoughts that can reach all components of society clearly and comprehensibly,” he argued. 

In the context of talking about the concept of terrorism that he dealt with in his exhibition last week, Dizwar told ARA News that this “extremist ideology should be confronted by all available means, including art and specifically caricature”. 

“Terrorism and religious radical thought carries distorted ideas about religion and humanity,” said the cartoonist. 

“Obviously, religious extremism leaves negative effects on the young generation, exposing community to great dangers. On my part, I tried to highlight this social dilemma with with simple means, by clarifying the given political dimensions associated with this issue in the light of the general environment in the region,” Dizwar added. 

Shoresh Darwish, a Kurdish activist who attended the opening of the exhibition, told ARA News that Dizwar exerted significant efforts where the handmade work associated with his talent dominated his paintings.

“Dizwar tried to illustrate dialogues and movements through his characters; he was able to present uniquely representative figures to the concept of terrorism through his cartoons”, Shoresh said. “However, he is criticized for presenting the Syrian Revolution as merely a conflict between two parties, the Assad regime and terrorists.”


Report by: Majid Mohammed

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid)


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