Syrian intelligence building bombed in Sweida



ARA News

At least eight members of the air force intelligence, including its head Assad Abda, were killed in a car bomb that exploded near the intelligence building in the Syrian southern city of Sweida on Wednesday.

“A suicide attacker detonated himself in a car bomb in front of the air force intelligence headquarters in Sweida,” said the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdelrahman.

The city of Sweida has been relatively secure since the start of the 32-month war in Syria.

Sources in the main hospital in Sweida confirmed to ARA News that the bodies were collected and brought to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Activists in the city said that more than 45 civilians were injured due to the explosion, adding to ARA News that the Syrian security forces surrounded the area and opened fire in the air “to prevent civilians from approaching the bombed building”.

“All surrounding residential buildings were remarkably damaged to to the explosion,” a source told ARA News.


Report by: Rwaida Alharfoush

Source: ARA News


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