YPG fighters take over oil-rich areas north Syria



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Girke Lege, Qamishli, Syria− The Kurdish forces of the YPG in Syria took over several oil wells in the area between the villages of Ali Agha and Girhok in the Kurdis oil-rich region of Rumailan, north-east of Syria, on Tuesday.  

After continuous clashes with Islamist groups north Syria, fighters of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) could control several areas in Rumailan, east of Qamishlo/al-Qamishli.

Sources told ARA News that the YPG received orders from the General Manager of the Syrian Petroleum Directorate in Rulamilan, Omar Hamad, to extinguish the fire that erupted in two oil wells in southern Rumailan nearly two months ago. 

The wells blew during clashes between the Kurdish YPG forces and the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham group (ISIS) −backed by Jabhat al-Nusra. The oil wells fell under the control of the ISIS and al-Nusra two months ago, activists said. Since then, Islamists started selling crude oil to the residents of the area.

The Department of Occupational Safety in the oil fields of Rumelan has reportedly extinguished the fire of the first well one week ago.

However, the fire is still flaming in another well, although a team of engineers and workers are trying to extinguish it, eyewitnesses said. The amount of gas flared daily is estimated about 1000 cubic meters per day. 

Activists called on the YPG to bear its responsibility towards the oil wells as one of the main resources in the region, especially after the forces controlled several areas in Rumailan.  

A number of private oil companies were established before the crisis in Syria, including the Dijlah Company in the Kurdish region, which belongs to Nizar Al-Assad and Rami Makhlouf −a close circle and relatives of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A former accountant in the Directorate oil-fields of Rumelan told ARA News that several oil companies, including Tishreen, Audeh, Dublin and Sinopec, are owned by Maher al-Assad −the youngest brother of Bashar al-Assad. While the company of Ebla belongs to Asef Shawkat −Syrian President’s brother-in-law. 

In October, pro-regime news sources reported that helicopters linked to the Syrian air force worked on extinguishing the fire in the petroleum wells in cooperation with some Russian experts. 

Sources reported to ARA News that smoke pillars were seen in the last few days, believed to be caused by fire raged in another petroleum well in Rumailan area. 

Remarkably, the fired petroleum wells in Rumailan are considered the richest wells in the region, and they were administrated by Dejla Oil Company. Later on, the Syrian Ministry of Petroleum transferred the control to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) −political leadership of the YPG forces− to guard the oil wells in Rumailan area amid the ongoing war in the country.


Report by: Azad Jemkari

Source: ARA News


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