Car bomb hit Derik city, northeast Syria



ARA News

Derik, Syria− A bomb attack hit the northeastern city of Derik causing the death of one civilian and serious injuries of two kids amongst 19 other injuries who were taken to a hospital in Qamishli city.

The bombing occurred in Derik city center, between a shopping center and the building of the Civil Status Office, where the Kurdish Assayish forces are based.   

The bombing caused a large destruction in the neighbouring shops and in an old administrative building next to the Assayish center.

Following the car bomb, the Assayish forces imposed a security cordon around Derik city and blocked roads to and from the city.  

Meanwhile, the Assayish forces −linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− arrested 5 people after storming the office of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (KDPS). A Kurdish journalist and correspondent of the Kurdish ARK TV was also arrested by the Assayish, activists reported. 


Reporting by: Judi Ibrahim

Source: ARA News


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