Shortage of medicine strikes Syria’s north



ARA News

Derik, Qamishli, Syria− Residents of the Kurdish city of Derik/Malikiye, northeastern Syria, suffer a sharp shortage of medicines. The city is in need for urgent medical relief, sources reported. 

The Syrian cities generally suffer a shortage of medical supplies. The main reason is that the supply highways between Damascus −where main medicine factories are based− and other cities are cut off. Another reason is the decrease of the level of competition between the main suppliers (medicine factories), which has reportedly led to a decrease in the amounts of medicines provided to the drug stores. 

Dozens of cases in Syria’s Kurdish region were reported where lack of medicine claimed lives of civilians. According to activists, the recently founded Kurdish Red Crescent is unable of filling the gap to provide medical services needed.

In Derik, residents told ARA News that closing the border crossing of Semalka at the borders with Iraqi Kurdistan deepened the suffering of the city’s residents, “especially with regard to medicines and medical aid”.

“We were used to receive medical aid from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; however, over months of closing the Semalka crossing, many have been suffering due to the lack of medical supplies,” one of the locals said. 

Others emphasized that the suspension of production in some medicine factories is a main reason for the current crisis. 

“The absence of the usual suppliers led to the activation of a black market which offers medicines for unaffordable prices to the residents,” a local told ARA News

As hospitals run out of basic and necessary medical supplies, the Kurdish Red Crescent urged the international humanitarian organizations to deliver medical aid to the stricken areas. 

The destiny of patients who are in need for medical care in these areas remains unknown. 


Reporting by: Dindar Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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