Syrian air force bombs Damascus suburb



ARA News

Damascus, Syria− On Sunday, the Syrian air force launched an air strike against the rebel-held city of Darayya in Damascus suburb. 

The strike caused damage in a number of residential buildings, but no casualties were reported.

Over the last four days, the city of Darayya saw fierce clashes between the regime forces and fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the eastern and southern fronts, as the Syrian regime army tries to break into the city.

Meanwhile, the city was hit by artillery shelling from the nearby headquarters of the Syrian army’s Fourth Division.

Media resources reported on Saturday that a suicide bomber from al-Nusra Front −affiliated with al-Qaeda− carried out a car bombing attack at Ghandour checkpoint in al-Qadam district in Damascus. The incident resulted in the death of 30 regime soldiers, while others were injured.


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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