PYD should end rifts with other Kurdish forces to gain recognition: PUK Chairman



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Nusaybin, Turkey– Malla Bakhtiar, chairman of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), said that the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) should strengthen its relations with the government of the Iraqi Kurdistan −Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)− in order to gain recognition with regard to the recently declared PYD-led self-administration in Syria’s Kurdish areas. 

Bakhtiar, in an article published by Kurdish Jawdir newspaper, referred to a recent visit by representatives of the self-administration (interim government north Syria) to the Sulaimaniya city in Iraqi Kurdistan where they met PUK officials, saying that the PYD needs to end rifts with the KRG and other Syrian Kurdish political forces. 

“We (PUK) clarified to the representatives of the PYD-led interim government of Rojava (north Syria) that gaining an official recognition from the leadership of the Iraqi Kurdistan requires the PYD to end rifts with other Kurdish forces and build concrete ties with the KRG,” Bakhtiar said.

According to Bakhtiar, if the PYD is not willing to seek an agreement with the different Kurdish forces in Syria and with the KRG, “the party’s (PYD) policies and project (self-rule) will be at stake”.  

Foad Aliko, former leader of the Kurdish Yekiti Party and member of the Kurdish National council in Syria (KNC), commented on Malla Baktiar’s statements saying that its is a new and positive stance by the PUK (known for its support to the PYD) towards the developments in Syria’s Kurdish areas.

“This is a remarkable turning point in the position of the PUK towards PYD’s policies,” Aliko told ARA News

According to Aliko, the KNC has welcomed Malla Bakhtiar’s statements and the PUK’s attitude.  

“The KNC expects the two major parties in the Iraqi Kurdistan (Patriotic Union Party PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP) to deal with the different Kurdish forces in Syria inclusively without marginalizing any group,” Aliko said. 

Likewise, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), declared that the KRG “is not willing to cooperate with the PYD-led municipal governments and its unilateral decisions”, pointing out that the KRG supports any collective decisions made by all the Kurdish parties in Syria.

The PYD-led self-rule government had declared three executive boards in the provinces of Jazeera (northeast), Kobane and Efrin, which has been rejected by the KNC.


Source: ARA News


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