Kurdish YPG forces respond to Syrian regime militants in Qamishli



ARA News

Hasaka, Syria– The media center of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) released a statement regarding Thursday’s clashes which took place between YPG forces and members of the pro-regime National Defence militia in Qamishli city.   

According to the statement, YPG forces carried out offensive operations against several points and buildings where regime forces and members of the National Defence militia were positioned and from which they earlier attacked members of the YPG −in front of Qamishli’s Bread Factory, which resulted in the death of a YPG fighter (Hamo Hassan Qawas).

“The YPG forces were able to control the Customs Building in Qadour Bek district (in Qamishli city) which was a regime military headquarter. The YPG forces inflicted also casualties on members of the National Defence who were positioned in the Bread Factory and arrested a number of them after taking control over the factory,” the YPG statement read. “The YPG forces also clashed with a regime patrol and were able to injure and arrest the patrol members.” 

The statement of the YPG Media Center pointed out that the clashes on Thursday resulted in 7 deaths in the ranks of the regime forces and members of the National Defence militia, adding that 10 other were detained (by the YPG) while several others were injured during the operations.

Meanwhile, the YPG forces seized a BKS machine gun, an RPG launcher, bulletproof shields, 48 Kalashnikov rifles, two guns, 11 military vehicles and a huge amount of ammunitions from the pro-regime forces on Thursday.

“The General Command of the YPG forces had announced the end of its offensive military operations in an effort to give the priority to peace and security. However, we will strongly respond to any attacks whoever be behind them. We convey to all the parties that our response will be decisive and severe, and we will not allow any force to threaten the civil peace in our areas,” the statement concluded.   


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News


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