PYD-linked Assayish forces arrest female students in Syria’s Efrin



ARA News 

Efrin, Syria– The Assayish forces (security wing of the Democratic Union Party PYD) launched on Monday an arrest campaign against civilians in the city of Efrin, northwest of Syria.

Five underage female students from Amir Ghabari School were arrested by the Assayish on charges of “taking doses of narcotic pills”, according to an Assayish member who preferred anonymity. 

On Monday evening, the Assayish forces arrested activist Wahid Mustafa, the director of Amir Ghabari School and his son in a campaign of raids on houses which continued for hours.

The Assayish forces had arrested five female students aged 13-16. Lava Mustafa, Suzan, Midiya Rasho, Shavin and Rolyan were arrested on alleged charges of “taking narcotic pills”. Due to the condemnation and insistence of their families, the Assayish forces were urged to allow performing a laboratory analysis on their blood (to investigate the Assayish accusations). The results of the alleged blood tests are not revealed yet.

Sozdar Hamo, an activist based in Efrin city, told ARA News that the five students were arrested on the background of their participation in a commemoration of the genocide of Halabja city, where the flag of Kurdistan (also the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government) and photos of Massoud Barzani (president of KRG) were raised and which was opposed to a gathering organized by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) −affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). 


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmad 

Source: ARA News


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