ISIL executes a Turkmen in northern Syria



ARA News

Urfa, Turkey− Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) shot a young man dead in the city of Tel Abyad in northeastern Syria, last week. 

Shekho Haj Hamid, a Turkmen resident of Tel Abyad, was reportedly killed in front of his shop in the city center.

One of the victim’s relatives −preferred anonymity− told ARA News that members of ISIL arrested Shekho from his house and took him to his shop to search it on charges of arms possession and trade. 

“While they were entering the shop, Shekho tried to resist and was then shot dead,” the source said. 

“One of ISIL leaders in the city, Abo Khadija entitled as ‘Abo Kaskis’, accused Shekho of arms possession and trade, and ordered his killing,” the victim’s relative said. 

ISIL handed over Shekho’s dead body to his family and was buried on Thursday in Tel Abyad.

Meanwhile, activists in Raqqa province started an Internet campaign called “Raqqa is Slaughtered Silently”, accusing ISIL of “arbitrarily arresting 15 young men this week and the arrests still continue”. 


Reporting by: Ridwan Bezar  

Source: ARA News


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