Mortar shells hit central Damascus



ARA News

Damascus, Syria– On Sunday, a man with two of his children were reported dead and seven others were injured due to the fall of mortar shells from unknown sources on Arnos Square in Damascus city center. Other mortar shells hit the Saba’ Bahrat Square near the Syrian Central Bank administration building.

Yazin Ibrahim, a local activist based in Damascus city, told ARA News that the mortar shells which fell on Arnos Square resulted in the death of a father with his two children and the injury of seven others, creating at the same time a state of panic among the residents.

“The square area is densely populated and is usually crowded with passers-by and shoppers due to the existence of many commercial shops, governmental institutions and ministry buildings in the surrounding neighbourhoods,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim also pointed out that mortar shells hit the Saba’ Bahrat Square and al-Hamra Street in central Damascus, while several others fell near al-Abbasids Square without causing any casualties.

“Meanwhile, regime forces stationed in the headquarters of the Fourth Division targeted the city of Darayya in the western Ghouta of Damascus countryside, amid clashes between regime forces and Hezbollah militants on one side, and opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the other, in the eastern and southern part of Darayya city,” Ibrahim told ARA News.

On Saturday, two civilians were reported dead and others injured in the Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees due to artillery shelling by regime forces stationed in its headquarters in al-Maydan district, while Joubar neighbourhood in the eastern part of Damascus was similarly targeted by regime forces stationed in Qasiyon Mount.


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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