Pro-Assad forces intensify attacks on Aleppo



ARA News

Aleppo, Syria− Regime troops bombarded on Monday several neighbourhoods, towns and cities in Aleppo governorate, north of Syria, using barrel bombs as well as heavy artillery. 

Activist Omar Aziz from Aleppo told ARA News that the regime helicopters shelled Hanano housing sodality in Aleppo with barrel bombs as well as the industrial city of Shekh Najjar.

In the meanwhile, Be’adin and al Jandol neighbourhoods were shelled by the regime artillery from the hill of Shekh Yusuf. No casualties reported.  

According to Aziz, “regime warplanes also used vacuum missiles to shell the town of Darat Izzah in Aleppo countryside. The city of Hritan was also shelled with barrel bombs dropped from helicopters and caused huge material damage in properties.”

In a relevant context, three civilians were killed on Monday morning during the regime’s rocket shelling on Khanasir town in the southern countryside of Aleppo. The regime forces targeted the town with a thermal missile from its bases in al-Mashro’a Mountain.”

The regime troops also targeted the neighbourhood of Bab al-Qasir in Aleppo, near the garage crossing from their bases in al Itha’a neighbourhood, killing two civilians and injuring a third.

Meanwhile, the clashes were intensifying around the regime-held Air Intelligence Branch in al-Zahraa housing sodality neighbourhood between some opposition-led factions linked to the Operations Chamber of Ahl al-Sham and the regime forces castellated inside the Branch.


Reporting by Haya al Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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