EU urges Turkey to open border for aid delivery to Kobane


Kurdish civilians stranded at the Turkish border after escaping war-torn Kobane. File photo

ARA News 

Qamishli, Syria – In order to deliver aid to the embattled city of Kobane, the Foreign Ministers of the European Union called on Turkey to open its border with Syria.

On Wednesday, the EU FMs emphasized their appreciation to the Turkish efforts to shelter displaced families from the war-torn border city of Kobane, and demanded further cooperation by the Turkish authorities to facilitate the entry of aid supplies to those stranded in the city.

Dozens of civilians are still suffering under harsh conditions in Kobane, where Kurdish forces are definding the city against extremists of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS).

The EU Ministers condemned the attacks, atrocities, killings and human rights violations carried out by the IS group and other terrorist groups, Syria and Iraq along with the Assad regime.

Accusing the Syrian regime of committing war crimes, the European FMs stressed that Assad cannot be a partner in the anti-terrorism war.


Reporting by: Rudi Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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