Al-Nusra aims to end the Syrian revolution: FSA General Staff


Islamists from Jabhat al-Nusra stage a protest in the Syrian town of Kfar Nabel. File photo

ARA News

Al-Hasakah, Syria – The Chief of the General Staff of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Abdul Ilah al-Bashir, issued a statement Tuesday condemning the repressive practices of al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda branch in Syria) against the FSA factions in the countryside of Idlib and Hama. 

“The FSA is fighting all kinds of terrorism in Syria, and the practices of the al-Nusra Front reflect a conspiracy against our moderate rebel factions,” the General Staff said.

According to al-Bashir, al-Nusra’s intention to control the countryside of Idlib and Hama “is an apparent attempt to end the Syrian revolution across the entire country”. 

“The recent actions by al-Nusra in Daraa, Deir ez-Zor, and Homs and now in Idlib and Hama, as well, are in the interest of the Syrian regime.”

“Al-Nusra Front’s attacks against our FSA fighters only serve the Assad regime, while we fight against this regime and terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS),” al-Bashir said.

“We will never forget our captives at the hands of al-Nusra, including the detained commander of the FSA in southern Syria,” the FSA’s General Staff added.  


Reporting by: Zaradasht Khalil

Source: ARA News

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