Beheading of Kassig “act of pure evil”: Obama


Peter (Abdul-Rahman) Kassig. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey–In a video released on Sunday, militants of the  Islamic State (IS/ISIS) claimed responsibility for the beheading of the American aid worker, Abdul-Rahman Kassig. 

Kassig, 26, is a former U.S. soldier who risked his life to provide humanitarian aid and medical treatment to those suffering from Syria’s civil war.

He appeared in an earlier video broadcast by IS radicals in October, showing the beheading of the British aid worker Alan Henning.  

Kassig’s parents said in a video they were waiting the U.S. and British authorities to confirm the authenticity of footage released by the IS group.

“We are aware of the news reports being circulated about our treasured son and are waiting for confirmation from the government as to the authenticity of these reports,” Ed and Paula Kassig said. 

The same video showed the simultaneous gruesome beheadings of at least 18 men described as Syrian military personnel, the latest in a series of mass executions and other atrocities carried out by extremist group.

“This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen of your country,” said a black militant, who has appeared in former videos while beheading other American and UK citizens. 

“Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity,” said the U.S. President Barack Obama, commenting on the incident. 


Reporting by: Mohammed Nasser

Source: ARA News 

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