Egypt arrests militant trainer upon return from Syria


ARA News

Cairo, Egypt – The Egyptian Ministry of Interior Affairs said Wednesday that a militant fighter of al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda branch in Syria) was arrested after his return from fighting in Syria. 

In an official statement, the ministry said the detained Nusra member was sent to Egypt in order to train members of an Egyptian terrorist group on bomb-making. 

Hany Shaheen Ali Shaheen, the detained militant, has reportedly confessed to receiving orders from the Islamist Furqan Brigade to train militants in Egypt’s Gharbia province. 

Egyptian state television broadcast a video showing Shaheen making the confession.

“I traveled to Syria about a year ago,” the bearded man said. “I was trained to use Kalashnikovs and explosives by the Furqan Brigade in Homs (central Syria).” 

According to the Egyptian Interior Ministry, “five terrorist cells were uncovered in the country”.

The ministry has reportedly uncovered the involvement of 38 Islamists in Gharbia which involved the blocking of roads and violence that has wounded 7 policemen and 14 civilians.


Reporting by: Yusra al-Malla 

Source: ARA News 

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