Islamic State releases dozens of Syrian Kurdish captives


Young men captured by militants of the Islamic State in northern Iraq. File photo

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria – After nearly nine months in captivity, 93 Syrian Kurds were released by militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) on Tuesday.

Those released were captured by IS militants while making their way from northern Syria to the border with Iraqi Kurdistan in February. 

At least 100 Kurdish civilians were captured during the incident, after being accused of having ties with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) –whose armed forces are in conflict with the IS militants in northern Syria. 

“The reason behind their sudden release was unclear,” said Yusif Ramadan, a Kurdish activist.

However, the Kurdish aid worker Qahraman Malla believes that the Islamic State is trying to change the brutal image it has created in the recent months, “after committing many crimes against humanity”.

“By releasing those detainees, the IS radical group is trying to get some sympathy from the Kurdish population in Syria,  which will never happen as the Kurdish people consider the IS as the main and most aggressive enemy at the moment, along with the Assad regime,” Malla told ARA News

At least 7 others are still being held by the Islamic State, according to local sources. 

The Islamic State’s extremists have repeatedly killed hostages and committed massacres against civilians in different areas across Iraq and Syria; however the group has occasionally released some people, according to reports. 


Reporting by: Beyan Rashid

Source: ARA News 

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