Islamic State: Yezidi and Christian women for sale


Iraq's Yezidi women crossing into Syrian Kurdish region escaping ISIS militants. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

Qamishli, Syria – Radicals of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) issued a list prices “for those interested in having a Yezidi woman” (who have been taken as captives during the militants’ attacks against the Yezidi area of Shingal in northern Iraq) as well as Iraqi Christian women, IS-linked media sources reported on Wednesday.  

According to the IS-issued document, of which ARA News received an image, the so-called “women market” in the IS-held areas has seen a significant decline which has left an impact on the Islamic State revenue and financing receipts for the insurgents. 

“Therefore, the Islamic State Finance House has deemed setting prices regarding the sale of women and booty, obliging all sellers to apply the rules, and any violators to have severe consequences,” the document read.

The list of prices of the Yezidi and Christian captives were clarified as “200 thousand Iraqi dinars for Yezidi or Christian 9-year-old girls, 150 thousand for girls from 10 to 20 years, 100 thousand for those aged 20 to 30 years, and 75 thousand dinars form 30 to 40 years, 50 thousand Iraqi dinars for adult women of age between 40 to 50 years.” 

It is not allowed to buy more than three captives, the extremist group said, allowing  exceptions to Syrian, Turk and Gulf nationals.

Speaking to ARA News in the city of Qamishli, the Kurdish human rights activist Alan Ahmad said that the international community, the Security Council and the United Nations must intervene and prevent these IS terrorist violations against the Syrian and Iraqi people, especially the Kurds.

Activists have recently launched several campaigns in solidarity with the Yezidi captives held by IS extremists. Some international NGOs called on the international community to intervene in order to help in the release of these women, amid news of mass rape, murder and torture against women by the militants of the radical group.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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