Turkish border police kills 7 Syrian Kurds


ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – On Wednesday, the Kurdish forces defending the city of Kobane in northern Syria, regained control over large parts of Mount Mishtanoor (which overlooks the city), following violent clashes with extremists of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS).

Military sources in Kobane reported that heavy weapons were used by both sides during the clashes.

Mount Mishtanoor has been under the control of IS group for nearly a month.

Speaking to ARA News from Kobane, a military source reported that the Kurdish forces (the People’s Protection Units “YPG” and the Peshmerga forces) launched an attack against strongholds of the radical group near Mishtanoor, causing clashes between both parties and concluding with the Kurdish forces seizing control of the previously IS-held area. 

“The YPG fighters were able to control the road between Kobane and the village of Kara Halanj,” the same source added.”Those operations resulted in the death of dozens in the ranks of IS, as well as the destruction of three military vehicles belonging to the terrorist group.” 

In another context, Ziad Othman, a Kurdish man stranded on the Syrian-Turkish border along the village of Kazkan in northern Kobane, told ARA News, that he and dozens others are “suffering severe shortage of food and water”. 

“The Turkish authorities prevented us from crossing the border, shooting at us whenever we attempt to cross,” he said.

At least 7 displaced civilians from Kobane were killed earlier this week, when the Turkish border guards opened fire to prevent them from crossing “illegally”. 


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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