UAE lists 80 Islamic factions as “terrorist groups”


UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan (L) and the UN Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow at NATO headquarters. File photo

ARA News

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has formally designated scores of groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and local affiliates as “terrorist groups”.

The list includes about 80 groups, and was officially approved by the cabinet.

Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) and al-Islah were among other groups on the list.

The announcement echoes a similar move by Saudi Arabia in March and appears to underscore concern in the US-allied oil producer about religiously-affiliated groups.

Al-Islah, a UAE-based group, is banned in the country for its alleged links to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

In an unprecedented public move, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE recalled their ambassadors to Qatar in March, accusing Doha of failing to abide by an agreement not to interfere in one another’s internal affairs.

The three states fell out in part over Qatar’s alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar says it backs all Arabs, not just Brotherhood members.

Saudi Arabia has banned the Brotherhood, accusing it of seeking to overthrow the Gulf monarchies.

The UAE has been taking part in the U.S.-led airstrikes against the IS group in Syria, along with fellow Arab states Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


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