World shows solidarity with Kobane


Demonstrators during the "Day of Solidarity with Kobane" activities in the German city of Cologne, Nov.1, 2014. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Lausanne, Switzerland; Cologne, Germany – Under the banner of “Day of Solidarity with Kobane”, protests took place in many cities around the world on November the first, to show support for the Kurdish fighters who are defending the city of Kobane in northern Syria against militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL).

In Germany, eight thousand protestors gathered in the city of Cologne where many Kurdish political parties, legal and humanitarian organizations, Kurdish figures, as well as German political and civic organizations participated. 10685344_10152842613698872_9210765086153970632_n

Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish journalist and member of the central media office of the Patriotic Union of Kursidtan (PUK), Lukman Berzanchi, said “We are here to tell the entire world that Sykes-Picot Agreement ended as Peshmerga crossed into Kobane (in reference to opening the borders between the Kurdish areas in Iraq, Turkey and Syria).”

Berzanchi, who participated in the pro-Kobane demonstration in Cologne, pointed out that Peshmerga forces will change the situation on the ground “as they control the logistic impact”.

He also mentioned that members of Kurdistan’s Parliament are expected to head to Brussels responding to an  invitation by the European Union and Parliament to deliberate the latest situation in Kobane. 

Well-known Kurdish artist, Diyar, was also among the demonstrators in Cologne. He spoke to ARA News saying “As artists we protest with our people and all revolutionaries in the world. The defenders of Kobane are defending humanity and dignity against the barbarism of the Islamic State.” 10710867_10152842615143872_6358494920944294810_n

Moreover, the Kurdish Community in many cities in Switzerland such as Zurich, Lausanne and Yverdon protested in support of Kobane.

In Ripon Square at 4pm, people gathered starting with a moment of silence for “the martyrs of Kurdistan and Kobane”, as organizers started using woofers to invite people to protest.

Slogans said, “Kobane is fighting for you, Support Kurdish forces”. Protestors also lighted candles and carried photos of the city of Kobane as well as photos of fighters. 10600578_10152842610643872_2167147348308748167_n

A group of young Kurdish men, living in Yverdon, organized a solidarity protest with Kobane, where many Swiss citizens and members of the Kurdish Community there participated.

French songs were sung during the protests and people carried candles calling upon the West to support the Kurdish resistance against IS militants.

The campaigns, held by a number of laureates, authors and some Nobel Prize holders, took place in Morocco, Australia, U.S., Sweden, Finland, Britain and Norway.

The Argentinean Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, American professor and linguist, Noam Chomsky, and former parliament member of the European Union,  Lisa Morgantini, initiated  these public protests. 


Reporting by: Ali Isso and Alan Suleman

Source: ARA News

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