Damascus under fire


Damascus neighborhoods and towns were exposed to mortar shells on Thursday. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Thursday, the Syrian regime’s military forces bombed the village of Ain Fijeh in Damascus countryside, causing several casualties among civilians, local sources reported. 

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, civil rights activist Ahmed Sabbagh said that the pro-regime forces (stationed in the Brigade 104 of Republican Guard) targeted the village of Ain Fijeh with heavy artillery, resulting in the injury of at least two women “who were transferred to a nearby field hospital”.

Meanwhile, a mortar shell of unknown source hit Abed Street in Salihiya district in central Damascus on Thursday, without causing any casualties. 

Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus countryside was exposed to similar attack with mortar shells. No casualties were reported. 

Also on Thursday, at least one civilian was killed in the town of Zabadani after being targeted by a pro-regime sniper who was stationed at the top of the municipality building in the town, activists told ARA News

In the meantime, opposition sources reported fierce clashes between the pro-Assad forces and rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the outskirts of Arbin city in the Eastern Ghouta, coinciding with artillery shelling by the pro-regime forces from their headquarters in the nearby town of Harasta. 

This comes amid continued battles between the pro-regime forces (backed by the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah) and fighters of the FSA in the town of Zebdin in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside.


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali

Source: ARA News

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