Two Australian women join jihadists in Syria


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On Saturday, Australian media sources reported that two women fled the country to join jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

“A teenager and a 20-year-old have become the first Australian women to flee to Syria to become jihadi brides,” The Australian reported.

Hodan, 18 and her friend Hafsa, 20, flew out of Sydney in the past fortnight after having lied to their families about where they were going.

A number of European women have fled their homes to become jihadi brides, but this is the first time Australian women have made the journey.

The girls, who are believed to have links with the Somali community, risk a 10 year jail sentence if they travel to Al-Raqqa, the main headquarter of the IS radical group in northeastern Syria.

In the meantime, the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop commented on the issues, saying: “They’ll be the ones that can detect changes in behaviour or determine what their children are up to.”

“They (the two women) are seemingly young Australians who think they are going off on an adventure – well, they’re not. They’re joining terrorist organisations that are carrying out shockingly brutal attacks,” she added.


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  1. David (Europe) says:

    Europeans? Australians? They are aliens living in our peaceful, secular and democratic western society. They are not westerners. They are aliens.

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