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An IS militant preparing his sword for the beheading of a Syrian man. Photo: IS-MO

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – The Media Center of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in the “state of Homs” published images showing the beheading of three people on charges of apostasy and spying on behalf of the Syrian regime. 

Among the victims was a lawyer from the city of Homs in central Syria who was accused of having links with the Syrian regime. The second victim was from the Ismaili religious minority group and was beheaded on charges of apostasy. Another three men were executed for having links with opposition factions. 

In a statement published online, the IS said: “The Islamic Police in the state of Homs implemented verdict on three spies, a lawyer and an Ismaili apostate, and they were beheaded in front of a Muslim crowd.” 

The lawyer was reportedly working in the Syrian anti-terrorism court, before being caught by the IS group in the northern countryside of Homs. 

The IS-linked Shraia court also consider the Ismaili sect as an “esoteric religious branch in the region”, adding in a statement that Muslim clerics unanimously agree on the “Ismailis’ infidelity”.

“Their doctrine represents pure disbelief, also they worship Ali bin Abi Talib, comparing him to God Almighty,” the statement added. “These esoteric groups should be killed for their heresy without being asked to repent.” 

In the meantime, a similar execution was carried out against an imam of a mosque in the village of Abu Khweit in Hasakah suburb, in northeastern Syria.

Local activists reported that the victim is a father to three members in the IS militants, one of whom was killed in previous clashes in the Hasakah countryside.

“The imam was arrested by the group about two weeks ago in the al-Hol area in the southern countryside of Hasakah, before being beheaded yesterday by the IS militants,” civil rights activist Mohammed al-Hineidi told ARA News. “Souri Ali Salman was beheaded near Mount Abdul Aziz in the Hasakah suburbs.”

“Salman was beheaded on charges of insulting the Caliphate and the Caliph (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi),” al-Hineidi said. 

The victim was the imam of a mosque in the village of Abu Khweit and he was visiting al-Hol area to convince one of his sons to leave the IS radical group, but he was arrested there and executed later.


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar  

Source: ARA News

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