Kerry: Assad’s practices encourage terrorism


U.N. Secretary of State, John Kerry. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – On Thursday, the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said in a press statement in Geneva that the practices of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad are attracting terrorists to Syria.

Kerry stressed that the United States is very concerned about the catastrophic situation in Syria, which has led to the displacement of three-quarters of the Syrian people, and that Assad must be aware of the consequences of his actions.

Kerry also welcomed the efforts of the U.N. envoy to Syria, Steffan de Mistura, after meeting with him in Geneva, and stated that de Mistura’s mission was very complex and important, hoping to push the peace efforts forward, with a focus on the cease-fire efforts in Aleppo, in northern Syria.

De Mistura, on the other hand, said he is optimistic of the American concerns regarding the situation in Syria, where a devastating crisis has continued for nearly four years.

De Mistura stressed that the solution in Syria is political and begins with Aleppo because of its implications, which would send positive signals to the remaining Syrian cities: this means barrel bombs will stop and the entry of humanitarian aid will become possible, adding that the chances for stopping the fighting will increase.

Mohamed Khair Banko, member of the Political Committee of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), stated to ARA News that the Syrian regime has become a magnet for all forms of terrorism and extremism in the world.

Banko stressed that the international community dealt negatively with the Syrian issue, and did not have a sincere willingness to find a solution in Syria.

The U.N. envoy’s plan regarding the cessation of conflict in Aleppo is faced with many difficulties, including the refusal of opposition brigades in Aleppo to reach an agreement due to its content, considering the plan as serving the interest of the Syrian regime forces.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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