How Muslims view Charlie Hebdo’s new version


A French flag was burned in Quetta, Pakistan, by Muslims angry over Charlie Hebdo. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The International Union of Muslim Clerics denounced the French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which republished drawings embodying the prophet Muhammad, and warned of dire consequences.

The Union called on Islamic governments to intervene with the United Nations to issue an international law criminalizing contempt of religions and the prophets of God.

The Union issued a statement (of which ARA News received a copy) saying: “Thousands of laws in the world criminalize abuse of some figures and agencies, while stand powerless towards the abuse of the religions of God, his books and dignified messengers,” the statement read.

“The Union strongly condemns Charlie Hebdo’s re-publishing of cartoons embodying the prophet Muhammad, which provokes Muslims around the world,” the statement said.

“We also warn of the dire consequences of the continuing contempt of Islam, the Quran and the Holy Prophet, as it leads to violence and conflict,” the Union’s statement argued, raising a question: “Is it rational to accept igniting sedition under the name of freedom of expression?”

The Union called on the Muslim communities to organize legal peaceful demonstrations to show global popular objection to the abuse of the prophet Muhammad, or abuse of any prophets of God, demanding Muslim governments to intervene with the United Nations to issue an international law criminalizing contempt of religions and prophets of God.

Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish researcher Mohsen Seida said that extremism and terrorism have put Muslims in the forefront of challenges concerning renewal of religious discourse. 

“Why didn’t the civilized and democratic world stand against the crimes of the Syrian regime, even before the emergence of ISIS (Islamic State) and al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda branch in Syria)?” Seida argued.

“Charlie Hebdo wants to send a message to the world that they’ll continue with the same approach. The French laws and the Constitution protect the newspaper,” Seida added.

Noteworthy, many demonstrations rallied in several Arab and Muslim countries this week to condemn the issuance of the new cartoon of Muhammad by the French newspaper.


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammed 

Source: ARA News

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