Kurdish forces cooperate with FSA to free Arab villages from ISIS


Kurdish fighters of the Peshmerga. File photo

ARA News 

Suruc, Turkey – In collaboration with the Peshmerga forces and rebel fighters of the FSA-linked Burkan al-Furat rebels, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) retook villages (administratively linked to Shuyookh town) west of Kobane (Ain al-Arab) after battles with militants of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS), Kurdish military sources reported on Monday.

“The joint forces (YPG, FSA, and Peshmerga) regained villages near the town of Shuyookh, the main stronghold of extremists west of Kobane,” Saeed Judi, a YPG fighter, told ARA News.

Judi emphasized that the joint forces took control of the entire villages of Talik and Darbazin near the town of  Shuyookh. 

“The population of both villages is primarily Arab and Kurd.

“All IS command centers in the town of Shuyookh are in the crossfire of the Peshmerga and the YPG fighters,” the source told ARA News. 

Judi also denied some pro-IS websites allegations concerning the infiltration of IS members in the established security box of central Kobane, pointing out that the radical group has been defeated in all fighting fronts.

“All these news are rumors the IS hardline group uses as part of a ‘psychological war’ propaganda,” Judi argued.

Also on Monday, field sources reported what they described the “liberation of eight new villages” east of Kobane, including Zari, Qartal, Kalti, Darb Hassan, Kochkar, Shish, Bir Habash, and Matin.

Meanwhile, the sources confirmed that Kurdish-led operations of dismantling mines and explosive devices continue in other eight villages, including Bir Arab Janubi, Bir Arab Shamali, Baghdik, Khan, Idaniya, Jirn, Zarzuri and Kolt, a distance of more than 40 km eastern the city.

Notably, YPG and FSA-linked sources confirmed Sunday that there is no intention for the YPG fighters to enter or stay in the Arab villages and areas, and that the administration of theses areas will be assigned solely to the FSA factions only.


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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