Donors pledge $3.8 billion to tackle Syria’s humanitarian crisis: U.N.


UNHCR continues to reach toughest areas of Syria. File photo

ARA News

Geneva – In an international summit in the Kuwaiti capital, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that international donors have pledged “$3.8 billion to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Syria”.  

More than 80 governments and dozens of aid agencies participated in Kuwait’s summit  on Tuesday. 

The U.S. pledged $507 million, Kuwait $500 million, the United Arab Emirates $100 million and Saudi Arabia $60 million, Reuters reported.

The U.N. has appealed to the international community to donate $8.4 billion for Syria this year in order to facilitate dealing with the escalating humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country.

According to reports, nearly 18 million Syrians are in urgent need for assistance inside the country and in the neighboring countries. 


Reporting by: Loring Silo 

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