Fresh violence hit Aleppo amid Qaeda progress


Ruins of a residential building in Aleppo after being hit with barrel bombs launched by regime warplanes. File photo

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria – Al-Nusra Front (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda) has been able to advance in the northern countryside of Aleppo, regaining a number of villages that were previously held by Islamic State group (IS/ISIS), local sources reported on Thursday. 

Media sources in the countryside of Aleppo told ARA News that al-Nusra Front was able, after fierce battles with ISIS, to control the towns of Ghazal and Ball in the northern countryside of Aleppo, as well as capturing some 20 militants during the recent battles. 

In the meantime, the Syrian regime warplanes continue raids on the towns and districts of Aleppo province.

At least six civilians were killed in the the town of Deir Jamal which due to regime-led airstrikes on Thursday.

Eight others were killed when pro-Assad warplanes dropped two barrel bombs on the town of Hayan in Aleppo countryside. 

Speaking to ARA News in Aleppo, media activist Mustafa al-Halab said that the Syrian regime committed what a “massacre” in the neighborhood of the al-Qubba in the city, after dropping four barrel bombs, which caused the death of 16 people and the injury of dozen others.


Reporting by: Taim Khalil

Source: ARA News

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