Mortar shells hit Syrian university, casualties reported


Homs' University of al-Baath. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – On Thursday, two mortar shells hit al-Baath University in the city of Homs, central Syria, killing and wounding a number of university students, eyewitnesses reported. 

Speaking to ARA News in Homs, Jiwan Hamo, student at the Faculty of Medicine in al-Baath University, reported that the shells landed in the garden of the Faculty of Medicine and caused the death of Mohammed Ibrahim and the injury of Talal Ibrahim and Fouad al-Naom.

Hamo pointed out that the shells’ source was most likely the opposition-held district of al-Waar in Homs city.

On Wednesday, a mortar shell hit the Alawite neighborhood of al-Zahra in Homs, , local activists told ARA News. No casualties reported. 

Regime-held districts of Homs were subject to explosions and mortar fire in the past weeks. 

“All parties are to blame for this conflict. Civilians, including students, are suffering the most under the current war conditions,” a student at al-Baath University said. “We hope that this nightmare (Syria’s war) end soon and normal life return to the Syrian people.”  


Reporting by: Zozan Shekho

Source: ARA News

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