Pro-ISIS Saudi twin brothers kill their parents


The Saudi twin brothers. File photo

ARA News

Saudi twin brothers on Friday killed their parents and stabbed a third brother in the capital Riyadh. 

The Saudi police arrested the twins before escaping the crime scene in the Hamra neighbourhood in Riyadh, according to local media. 

“Details behind the motive of the attack is still unknown but authorities are not ruling out cause of terrorism yet,” the Saudi Alarabiya news agency reported on Friday. 

The twin brothers have first chased their younger brother up to the rooftop of the families house in Riyadh and stabbed him multiple times, and he is currently in critical condition in intensive care unit. 

“The suspects then approached their father a stabbed him multiple times before heading to their mother who was in another room in the house,” Alarabiya reported.

Both suspects were reportedly supporting the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS).

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One thought on “Pro-ISIS Saudi twin brothers kill their parents”

  1. As1991 says:

    This is a message to those who think the kingdom funds terrorists. They killed their parents. Such acts are absolutely a result of a mental illness.

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