Displaced civilians return to Hasakah after truce was reached between Kurds, Syrian regime


A displaced family arrives in Syria's Hasakah. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

HASAKAH – Hundreds of displaced people began to return home in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province on Wednesday, after conflicting sides reached a ceasefire agreement.

The city of Hasakah saw fierce clashes between Kurdish forces and pro-regime troops that lasted for nearly a week. Heavy artillery and air strikes were also used by regime troops on residential areas.

As a result hundreds of civilians fled the violence and clashes to more stable areas in the surrounding cities of Amude, Qamislo [Qamishli] and Dirbesiye that are controlled by Kurds.

However, on Tuesday dozens of stranded civilians who were staying in shelter houses began to return home, as ceasefire has been reached between Kurds and Syrian regime after Russian mediation.

All the civilians we interviewed expressed their happiness for returning home, but so far still afraid of new clashes in the future, as several agreements were signed between Kurdish forces and Syrian regime troops, which were followed by renewed clashes.

Speaking to ARA News, Jawaher (28) who was preparing to return home in Hasakah said that she did not flee until air strikes hit near her house, and she was worried about her children.

“We want to return home, but always there is fear from regime forces. We do not want to see one regime member in the city again,” she said.

“My husband was an Asayish member [Kurdish security police member] and was killed in the last clashes with regime militia,” she added.

Gada Ibrahim (34) who was displaced from the Salihiye neighbourhood in Hasakah, said she is still afraid to return, although officials told them the fight is over.

“We want to go back home and we trust the comrades [YPG and Asayish forces], but the regime cannot be trusted” she added.

Meanwhile, Jijek Suleyman, a member of the Rojava relief organization run by the local self-administration, said the administration took measures for the returnees.

“The Kurdish administration with collaboration of several humanitarian organizations such as ARC, NRD, and Rojava organization have provided aid for the displaced civilians and sheltered them dfurting the Hasakah clashes,” she told ARA News.

The Kurdish security forces of the Asayish also called on the displaced civilians to return to their homes in Hasakah last Tuesday, including civilians from the neighbourhoods of Guweran and Nashawa, which saw the heaviest clashes, and are now under control of the Kurdish-led forces.

People of Hasakah, who have been repeatedly displaced due to the violence that hit their city, had taken shelter in other nearby towns. Some of them were able to stay with relatives while others were obliged to take a shelter in schools and public parks. Those who were able to return expressed their wish to live in peace in their hometown.

Idris Dawood, Director of the Young Civilians Org in Hasakah, told ARA News: “We have organised the return of the displaced people of Hasakah. 29 buses came from Qamishli city and 11 others from Amude, all were full of displaced families. All efforts were voluntary, and we’re glad to be able to help those people return home.” 

Reporting by: Jan Mohammed and Qehreman Miste

Source: ARA News

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