Kurdish fighters expel regime forces from major parts of Syrian city


Kurdish YPG fighters gather near the Hasakah central prison after regime withdrawal. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

HASAKAH – Subsequent to heavy clashes with pro-Syrian regime troops, Kurdish forces of the Self-Administration in Hasakah have seized control of major areas and key institutions in the city. 

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) captured the central prison,, al-Bassel roundabout, the immigration department and other government headquarters in the Nashwa and Gaweran districts of Hasakah city. This after the withdrawal of the pro-regime troops.

“The regime has suppressed the people for a long time. We’ve launched the campaign in Nashwa district until we reached the Gaweran. Our efforts have been fruitful, and our losses and incomparable to that of the regime,” YPG officer Brusk Audi told ARA News in Hasakah.

“They’ve surrendered, throwing their weapons and escaping the fighting front,” he said. “The regime first thought that all our forces are busy with the anti-ISIS Manbij operation, however we had units here ready top deter the regime’s attacks on civilians.” 

The Kurdish forces have also freed dozens of people who had been arbitrarily arrested by the regime after capturing the central prison of Hasakah. The prisoners had reportedly suffered starvation in the regime detention.

Kurdish security officer Salahuddin Hesso told ARA News: “When we arrived in the prison we saw those prisoners hungry and thirsty, they’ve been starving. We evacuated them and provided them with food and water before they were transferred to a safe location.”

“Most of those who had been held by the regime in this prison were innocent civilians who had been arbitrarily detained. Many of them have been escorted by our forces to their homes. Other civilians had been used by the regime’s troops as human shields,” Hesso said. “However, there are still some prisoners who are believed to have been involved in some violent actions and they are being interrogated.”

The YPG and allied forces from the Self-Administration are now in control of most of Hasakah city in northeastern Syria. 


After one week of heavy clashes between Kurdish forces of the Self-Administration and pro-regime troops in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah city, the conflicting sides on Thursday reached a ceasefire agreement. 

The truce was reached between the Kurds and pro-Assad forces after a Russian mediation. 

This comes after the Kurdish forces captured large areas in Hasakah, including Gaweran and Nashwa Sharqiya districts beside a number of public institutions in the city.

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, Kurdish officer Alan Kousa said: “Our forces made remarkable gains. We captured most of city’s neighbourhoods. The regime’s militias are now surrounded by our forces inside the Security Complex in the city.”

“We are now waiting to see whether the truce agreement would be effective to stop the fighting, that’s why we haven’t broken into their final stronghold,” the official said.

Clashes break out from time to time in Hasakah, causing mass displacements among civilians. 


Source: ARA News

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