Raqqa: Islamic State militants amputate man’s hand on charges of theft


ISIS jihadis amputating man's hand in Syria's Raqqa

ARA News 

RAQQA Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Sunday punished a young Syrian man in the northeastern city of Raqqa by cutting off his right hand after accusing him of theft, activists reported.

Two ISIS militants carried out the punishment in front of dozens of people in a public square in Raqqa city.

“The man’s right hand was amputated after the ISIS-linked Hisba police accused him of stealing, but they didn’t explain what this young man has exactly stolen,” a media activist told ARA News in Raqqa, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A member of the ISIS-led Sharia Court read a statement prior to conducting the punishment on Sunday afternoon, saying that the Islamic Sharia recommends the amputation of the right hand of any citizen charged with theft. 

“This kind of punishment is barbaric. It is merely meant to terrify people, besides the ISIS-led sharia court doesn’t have the basic capabilities to investigate any such case,” Syrian human rights activist Omar al-Muthanna told ARA News.

“They accuse and punish people publicly to show that they’re still in control and have the power to establish order, especially in Raqqa, which is the de facto capital of their alleged Caliphate,” Muthanna said.

Reporting by: Sadruddin Keno

Source: ARA News

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