ISIS child soldiers execute alleged spies in new propaganda video


The ISIS-led child soldiers executing two men in a new propaganda video

ARA News

Duhok – Islamic State (ISIS) child soldiers, also known as Cubs of the Caliphate, appeared in a new propaganda video shooting two men on charges of spying for the US-led coalition.

ISIS released a new video on Monday, showing two child soldiers executing two cuffed men. The extremist group accused the men of spying “for crusaders and their allies” in Iraq, by which they meant the US-led coalition and allied Kurdish and Iraqi forces.

The two young men appeared in the video in orange jumpsuits, kneeling in front of two members of the Cubs of the Caliphate. The child soldiers then shot their victims in the back of the head.

The Cubs of the Caliphate is a paramilitary organization which trains children to be dutiful soldiers and spies for ISIS. It has branches in every ISIS-controlled city in Iraq and Syria. 

The Islamic State’s ‘Cubs’ receive a Sharia course and military training over a three-month period. Afterward, the indoctrinated boys are dispersed across ISIS-held territory to fight the caliphate’s internal and external enemies.

Reporting by: Sedruddin Keno | Source: ARA News

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