Islamic State attacks Syrian army base in Homs, killing dozens


Militant fighters of the Islamic State performing prayers near Homs. File photo

ARA News

Homs – Islamic State (ISIS) militants have attempted to storm a Syrian army base in eastern Homs Governorate. Local activists reported that the jihadi push occurred on Monday in Huwesis District. 

ISIS jihadists softened the fortified base with a protracted bombardment before attempting to infiltrate through the periphery. More than 35 Syrian Army soldiers were reportedly killed and dozens more were wounded.

“ISIS militants, stationed near the Sawan Hill, shelled a major Syrian army base in eastern Homs. The group used heavy artillery in the attack,” media activist Khalid al-Abdullah told ARA News.

After the attack, Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on ISIS fighting positions in Huwesis, killing at least 20 ISIS militants.

“The Russian air cover helped the Syrian Army […] to regroup and secure their base against infiltration by ISIS, while medical teams arrived to treat the wounded,” al-Abdullah reported.   

ISIS has recently brought reinforcements to the eastern countryside of Homs in a bid to protect the Sha’er Gas Field and its remaining positions in the Governorate.

Reporting by: Jamil Mukarram | Source: ARA News

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