Israeli authorities arrest ISIS-linked terror cell


The Syrian-Israeli border. File photo

Israeli authorities have charged six Palestinians suspected of belonging to ISIS and of plotting attacks, police said on Sunday.

The alleged ISIS cell, operating out of Shuafat Refugee Camp in east Jerusalem, was “preparing a series of attacks,” police said in a statement.

Police said those arrested were a religious and ideological leader and other members tasked with preparing attacks, without naming the suspects.

The arrests followed a six-week operation, police said.

Several Palestinians and Arab Israelis have travelled to neighboring Syria to join ISIS, but authorities say the extremist’s influence has been limited in the Jewish state.

The Shin Bet internal security service, however, said in recent months that some Palestinians who have carried out attacks were apparently inspired by ISIS.

In a recent poll, 88 percent of Palestinians said ISIS does not represent Islam.

Source: AFP 

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