Kurdish forces capture ATGM missiles in Afrin

Syrian rebels desert opposition-led all-Arab force, join SDF

Coalition commander says Raqqa police force paid by US as vetted force

Rojava administration opens military academy in northern Syria

Hezbollah captures much of ISIS enclave on Syrian-Lebanese border

US-backed Iraqi forces expel ISIS from five villages near Tal Afar

Military effort not enough to eliminate ISIS in Raqqa: US-coalition envoy

Justice vital to help Iraqi victims of ISIS’s sexual violence rebuild lives: UN report

UN condemns targeting of civilians, infrastructure as airstrikes hit Syria’s Raqqa

Lebanon has driven ISIS from most of Syria border area: official

US-backed Iraqi forces launch operation to retake Tal Afar from ISIS

Lebanese army advances against ISIS in battle on Syrian border

ISIS mine kills three Lebanese soldiers on Syrian border

US not intending to stay in Syria after defeating ISIS

Iranian general says Kurdish independence referendum ‘a US plot’

Over 350,000 children vaccinated against polio in hard to reach areas of Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces announce liberation of 60% of Raqqa city

US-led coalition provides medical assistance to Raqqa Civil Council

Iran building missile factory in Syria

Manbij forces vow to protect city against Syria regime, rebels

SDF general promises to liberate Syria’s al-Bab from Turkey-backed rebels

Syrian rebels shoot down regime military jet near Jordanian border

SDF troops capture more ground in Raqqa, expel ISIS from two districts

Iran expanding its influence in Syria: Netanyahu

Syrian government doubles territory under its control

US condemns killing of White Helmets in Syria’s Idlib

ISIS jihadists showing stiffer resistance amidst SDF progress in Syria’s Raqqa: official

Syrian Democratic Forces link up frontlines in Raqqa

UN steps up humanitarian support for families returning to Mosul after ISIS expulsion

Syrian army gains ground on Jordan border