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Efrin, Syria– On Friday, power supply returned to Efrin city and its environs, north of Aleppo, after 6 months of power outage.

Since the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units took control over the thermal power plant in Aleppo −which supplies Efrin region with electricity− nearly 6 months ago, the city of Efrin and its surroundings saw a continuous power cut.

Later on, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had controlled the power plant in November 2013, and had entirely deprived Efrin region of power supply.  

Fikret Mohammed, an employee in the electricity establishment of Efrin, told ARA News that the electricity establishment of the city of Efrin agreed to pay the yet unpaid electricity bills to the Free Syrian Army for the return of power supply to the region.  

Noteworthy, the predominantly Kurdish village of Qasttal Jendo and other villages in Jandris area in the region of Efrin were repeatedly attacked by ISIL fighters during October 2013, followed by clashes between the ISIL and the Popular Protection Units (YPG).

The area saw sporadic clashes between both sides until the withdrawal of ISIL fighters from Azaz city, north of Aleppo, at the end of last February. 


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmed

Source: ARA News


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