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Amude, Syria– The General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) held a meeting on Friday to discuss the situation in Kobane city −which is being attacked by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The KNC members have also discussed their council’s relations with the “People’s Council of Western Kurdistan” (mainly led by the Democratic Union Party PYD).  

Happenings dramatically developed in Syria’s Kurdish areas recently, as the al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIL repeatedly attacked the city of  Kobane in Aleppo countryside and imposed a siege around the city, while clashes continued over the last few days between them (ISIL) and the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG). Meanwhile, the phenomenon of bombed car attacks mounted in the same areas, and the last one targeted the city of Tirbespiye in Hasaka province.

The assembling KNC members emphasized “the necessity of uniting the stance of the two Kurdish council (KNC and People’s Council of Western Kurdistan)”, and decided to send a letter to the Syrian National Coalition explaining that “the ISIL attacks on Kurdish areas target the Kurdish existence in Syria”.

The KNC General Secretariat also decided to hold a meeting with the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan to view the ways to deal with the situations in Kobane and other Kurdish areas in the light of the YPG forces’ call for support. 

Badee Maamo, a member of the KNC General Secretariat, told ARA News: “We decided to discuss the possibility of activating the role of the specialized office in the Kurdish Supreme Committee (which includes the KNC and People’s Council of Western Kurdistan). We will mainly focus on two possibilities, which entail either forming a joint military force led by both Kurdish councils, or discuss mechanisms of incorporating KNC-linked armed members into the YPG forces.”  

“The KNC is currently reconsidering its relations with the local committees of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) in the predominantly Kurdish areas and the SNC’s unilateral manners of dealing with relief issues,”Maamo stated. “The KNC will soon send an official letter to the Syrian National Council and demand delivery of the relief issues to the KNC’s local committees (since the KNC is part of the SNC).” 

Notably, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) joined the ranks of the SNC (Syrian opposition’s main umbrella) in mid September, 2013. 


Reporting by: Peshwa Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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