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Al-Jawadiya, Syria– A number of Arab tribes in the northeastern region of Syria held a meeting last week in Toba village (10 km east of al-Jawadiya town) to discuss the recent developments in the predominantly Kurdish areas.

The participants issued a statement at the end of the meeting announcing their support the Kurdish people against what they called “aggressions of the Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) against these areas.

The assembling Arab tribes also condemned in their statement “the destruction which the region has been subjected to” −while the ISIL tries to storm into Kobane city in the countryside of Aleppo. 

Sheikh Mohammed al-Mithqal, an Arab tribal leader of al-Jawala tribe in al-Jawadiya area, stated to ARA News that the Kurds are being subjected to a “regional conspiracy with an apparent involvement of the Syrian Intelligence”.

“Therefore, we must make concerted efforts to unite the diverse social components inhabiting the region to be able to face the challenges and thwart all the agendas and conspiracies which are being carried out against the Kurds, because any threat to their existence is a threat to our own existence,” said al-Mithqal. 

The same tribes emphasized in their meeting on “the Arab-Kurdish brotherhood and coexistence, which also resulted in many marriage relationships”, adding that the continuity of the dangers will affect all the social components of the region, not only the Kurds. “Thus, concerted efforts must be made to stand against any external forces (in reference to ISIL) which threaten the security of the region.” 

Speaking to ARA News, leader of al-Sharabiya tribe, Hawash al-Mohammed, said: “It is our duty to stand by the Kurds against foreign terrorist groups which pose a threat to all the social components of this region.” 

The countryside of al-Jawadiya and al-Yarobiya in Hasaka province saw clashes between ISIL fighters and Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) in north and northeastern Syria in September 2013, which resulted in the withdrawal of ISIL fighters, while YPG forces gained more control. 

Noteworthy, the northeastern areas of Syria (Hasaka province) is home to a mixture of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians and other ethnic groups. 


Reporting by: Jan Agha

Source: ARA News


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